Timing is everything!

Everybody’s busy rushing from pillar to post as we juggle the demands of our increasingly hectic lives and yet sometimes we need to stop and take a breath and this is never more important than when you have to shop for a wedding outfit for your daughter or son’s big day.

That’s why Catherine’s of Partick encourages you to find time, ensuring that shopping for a wedding outfit is relaxed, fun, and most of all successful! Our West End boutique is one of the busiest in Glasgow so here are a few things to remember to create a shopping experience that’s as stress free as possible.

  • While it is not necessary to make an appointment, we do recommend making one – please phone and we can advise you
  • As it’s always best to have an experienced member of our team assist you, we recommend that you visit us Monday to Friday if possible, as it can be a more relaxed atmosphere

We hope these pointers will help you ensure a successful shopping trip. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please pop in to see us or leave a message on our Facebook or email and we’ll get back to you.