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You are a busy woman, you have enough on your plate to prepare for a wedding and your wedding outfit must be magnificent. That’s why here at Catherine’s of Partick we pride ourselves on ensuring that the process of choosing your wedding outfit is as stress free as possible – and that includes the possibility that you may need alterations.

The fitters in our Glasgow boutique work in-house. If your outfit needs altered, you don’t have the stress of worrying where to go, we’ll take care of it for you. The charge for alterations varies depending on what is needing done but we will always give you a price before any work is carried out.



A few important points about alterations:

It’s best if you are fitted within 2 weeks of the purchase of your outfit to ensure its completion well before your occasion

Your fitting can take place anytime Monday to Friday until 5pm
Always ensure you have the correct undergarments and shoes with you when having your initial and further fittings to ensure the correct fit
Collections are Monday to Friday and we strongly advise you to try on the outfit when you collect it.
Our fitters don’t work weekends, so if this is the only time you can collect and you need a further alteration, it will mean another trip for you on a week day. This is especially important to note if you need a further fitting to ensure the perfect fit.