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CC39-170x435Although many Mother of the Brides and Grooms initially think they don’t want to wear a hat, we always try to encourage all Mother of the Brides to try one on. They are usually astonished at the difference it makes in completing their wedding outfit and we have even seen this final touch bring a tear to their eye. We also stock a fabulous choice of hatinators and fascinators as alternatives, so please do ask to see them. Buy your wedding shoes well in advance, ideally when you get your outfit as it is so much easier to choose when you have your outfit on. This allows you to get the best colour match while in store, saving you time and effort. Please ask your advisor to show you various styles of shoes while you have your dress on – this can transform the overall look of your outfit. You will also be able to begin breaking in your shoes properly in advance, which will save your feet on the wedding day. The jewellery you decide to wear should also complement your outfit; this is something we can pull together for you, saving you having to look elsewhere for any of your accessories. In most instances, you can get your full Mother of the Bride outfit and all your accessories in just one visit to the store.